Our Story


Neovida, a sustainable, social enterprise, provides people with a remarkable superfood product through upcycling coffee cherries and thereby reducing methane emissions and providing an additional revenue stream for small scale coffee farmers in developing countries.


Neovida's vision is to be a global leader in the coffee cherry industry. Through sustainable direct trade sourcing methods, Neovida stands on the front line of superfoods as a product that is super-good for everyone involved.


Coffee Cherries in hand

Neovida reduces environmental pollution and increases circularity by removing coffee cherry waste from coffee fields.


Each purchase furthers our mission to reverse climate change and reduce rural inequity. Over 20 million tons of coffee cherry waste is generated each year, contributing more than 15 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e). The coffee cherries leach dangerous mycotoxins into waterways and soil. In addition, farmers in less developed countries (LDCs) are marginalized and are in desperate need of additional revenue streams.  

1 ton of dried coffee cherries purchased from 1 farmer removes 14,035 lbs of coffee cherry pulp and 11,139 lbs of CO2e. This will generate small scale coffee farmer revenue and allow us to donate profits to sustainable development projects that are in need by the LDCs (clean water, education, etc.). 1 ton generates $5000 revenue for farmers and estimated to generate $28,800 in gross profit for Neovida, which provides $2,800 to be donated towards sustainable development.