How To Consume Cascara

How To Consume Cascara

Coffee cherries can be found growing synonymously with coffee in many tropical countries with high elevations, such as the mountains of Latin America. Yet, many have not heard of them and a lot don’t know how they should be consumed. Where do they come from? How can they be utilized? This blog will cover these questions and more.

holding coffee cherry fruit

So how can we get our hands on them?

Like any fruit after being picked they can quickly spoil, that’s why we dry them during the harvest season, to ensure years of shelf-life and reduce waste.

pouring coffee cherry tea

So should we just eat the dried cherries like raisins?

Short answer, yes, you can! But dried coffee cherries are actually traditionally consumed as, yup you guessed it, Cascara tea. Cascara can be placed in a french press or steeped in a pot. Hot water quickly infuses with their delicious flavor and brings their nutrients to life. Mix it with Almond milk, and you are especially in for a delicious treat.

What if we don’t drink tea?

You wouldn’t be the only one! That is why NeoVida is proud to offer dried coffee cherry powder. This powder can be used in smoothies, cereal, yogurt, baking, and also just mixed with water! We recommend one of the above consumption methods over tea in order for the user to obtain 100% of coffee cherries' vast array of health benefits and experience a sustainable energy buzz.


coffee berry products

How else?

We are currently developing a variety of cascara products to ensure consumption on the go and make it effortless for anyone to add coffee cherries to their lifestyle. Stay on the lookout for concentrates, extracts, and canned beverages! In the meantime, try our extremely nutritious cascara powder.